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Easy school fundraising
...without asking for a single penny!

Edvocator makes it easy for schools to raise money without asking for supplies, equipment or -- best of all -- money. This is a simple fundraiser for elementary schools, preschools or any school that needs an easy way to raise money.
Schools or Teachers - join now to start getting Free support -- sign up for your free & easy fundraising membership.

Ready to become a Supporter? Support your favorite classroom through this free school fundraiser.

Schools or Teachers join for free; Edvocator creates a school/classroom web site that displays ads, links or store logos from Edvocator partner online stores. Schools/Teachers announce their Edvocator support web site.

You support your favorite school/classroom by simply visiting the EDvocator-built school web site before you buy anything online. At the school website, you click on a store where you want to shop and then, well simply shop. If you buy anything then the school earns a bonus for helping people find partner stores.

It's a "Win-Win" situation!

  • Schools get an easy & free fundraising program.
  • Supporters when shopping online, pay no more than normal while supporting their favorite school/classroom.